How many O level subjects are required to take in Pakistan?

There are students with two mindsets:

    • One who wanted to go for Intermediate College
  • One who wanted to go for A’Level College

All of those attempting their exams through schools would follow this pattern:

In your first year of O’Level, that is your class 10th, you will be giving your first three exams which are set compulsory by Education Board Of Pakistan. Those are:

    • Islamiyat
    • Pakistan Studies
  • Urdu

In next year, you will give your other 5 subjects based upon your will. If you wanted to go for Engineering or Biology, it would be:

    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • English Language
  • Computer Sciences/Biology

If you wanted to go in Economics and Finance field, you will choose:

    • English Language
    • Mathematics
    • Business Studies
    • Economics
  • Statistics

Some schools also make their students appear in Additional Mathematics as a sixth subject for both fields.

Those students who are applying privately do not have any type of limitations, but attempting in at least 8 subjects is required.

So, those who wanted to apply in Intermediate college in Pakistan and wanted to go in Engineering or Medical field must appear in just 8 exams, else the Education board will allot you the Commerce Subject Degree.

If you are going to A’Level College then there is no problem.


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