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Engineering is a very interesting study program and the alumni of the degree are demanded hardly at the job market. The main programs of this subject are Engine Building, Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Building or Architecture. As different as the subjects is the working area in which the alumni can get a job later. Those who are interested in technology or in the other subjects can use this study programs to draw ones future.

Engineering can be studied in Germany at universities or at technical colleges. For the university the Abitur grade is required, for the technical colleges only the suitable degree is required. For international students a similar degree is enough.

Interest and maybe a short knowledge in the subject natural sciences, mathematics and computer sciences are good for this study programs.

The engineering programs have been changed with the introduction of the Bachelor and Master system as many other programs in Germany. Now the programs at the different universities are more similar to each other.

To find the suitable university or technical college one should think about the future job he or she wants to have and about practical parts of the programs. Practical knowledge is very important in this area. It is anticipated from the alumni that they are able to use their theoretical knowledge and apply it practically. Therefore, it is necessary to do internships and in most study programs it is required to do one.

It doesn’t matter what subject one chooses and where the personal emphasis is, the engineering programs provide a future and the alumni are requested strongly from the companies.


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